13 Apr 2022

Ayurvedic habits for a healthy liver The liver is the most important organ, as it restores life. Liver is associated with “life” since  this organ was looked upon as the[…]

16 Aug 2021
come sano

“Let the food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be your food” Ayurveda Many people believe they eat healthy but to the question … What did you eat today? Many[…]

4 Aug 2021
Breast milk Ayurveda

World Breastfeeding week is set during the first week of August to highlight the huge benefits of breastfeeding, for the baby, for the mother and for the whole world. Me,[…]

19 Jun 2021
Ayurveda massage pregnancy

“Is the woman who brings the light to the world through motherhood. This is why she deserves the best care” Ayurveda for women Ayurveda massage for pregnant women is an[…]

9 Jun 2021

Stronger together… however it was not always the case. It’s time to breake the cycle of female rivalry. Many of us have grown up competing to each others, as opposed[…]

7 Jun 2021
Ayurveda massage

Ayurveda personalized Massages and treatments, adapted to you and your stage in life (pregnancy, injury…). We use ayurvedic organic oils. We use Ayurvedic Organic Oils, cold-pressed and medicated with herbs[…]

28 Apr 2021
ayurveda y aromaterapia

Come and join us in this unique experience in Garraf natural park (Ortoll) More info and Registration What? Mindful walking through Garraf Natural Park (Ortoll, Vilanova i la Geltrú) arriving[…]

28 Mar 2021
ayurveda primavera

“In Springtime, Kapha Dosha that has been accumulated during winter starts to melt, as the snow and ice are beginning to melt”. As a result, your appetite is naturally lower,[…]

25 Mar 2021
fertility meditation

If you are looking forward to get pregnant, you  may read this. To attract the miracle of conception in you, it is important to create space. Not only to create[…]

22 Nov 2020
period cramps ayurveda

Your period pain may not come from your uterus… Did you know that there is a relationship (anatomical and functional) between your uterus and your stomach? We know that our[…]

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