Ayurvedic habits for a healthy liver

Ayurvedic habits for a healthy liver

The liver is the most important organ, as it restores life. Liver is associated with “life” since  this organ was looked upon as the seat of the soul and of human feelings. Pitta is mainly predominant in the liver. Healthy liver results in hormonal balance and physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Liver and hormone regulation

As an endocrine gland, the liver is like a hard-working mother who takes care of nurturing and supporting her children (the rest of the organs and tissues who depend on the liver… It is like a bond that holds together hormone and vitamin regulation, essential for our wellbeing.
  • Vitamins play a major role in Thyroid regulation. Scientific studies show that in patients with diagnosed hyperthyroidism, the liver is empty of vitamin B1 and vitamin A. Parathyroid hormone has a close relationship with the vitamin D. It is shown as well that in patients with diagnosed hypothyroidism, there is a tendency to accumulate fat, which comes from a weakened liver.
  • Low levels of vitamin D are correlated with low levels of AMH, which is also associated with a decrease in the ovarian reserve and an increase in FSH at an early stage of the cycle and, thus, is a significant reduction in fertility. Liver disease is strongly linked to vitamin D deficiency. 
  • The metabolism of estrogens mainly occurs in the liver. Thus, diseases related to estrogen accumulation: endometriosis, risk factor breast cancer, etc are intimately related to liver function.
  • Vitamin C, B vitamins such as B1 (thiamine), B5 (pantethine), and B12 all directly affect your adrenal glands’ cortisol response to stress.

Liver lights up the fire of Pitta Dosha

The liver is an emotional seat of fiery emotions such as anger, envy, dissatisfaction, impatience, jealousy and frustration.  The liver is ruled by Pitta, the Dosha that leads metabolism and transformation. Pitta is formed by fire and water, with which the qualities of the liver will be “hot”, “penetrating” and “liquid”. When we get angry, internal fire breaks out and our body tries to stop the fire by flooding ourselves with wáter. In fact, the liver is an important reservoir of water and regulates its excretion. Fluid retention may indicate liver weakness.

Ayurvedic view on Migraine

Headaches in Ayurveda are called Shirah Shula, Shiro Roga or Shiro tapa (shula, roga and tapa mean pain and shirah or shiro mean head). In classical texts headaches are classified into different categories based on the dosha involved. The blood and muscles in the head become moisture laden, leading to aggravation of the doshas and to the growth of worms that begin to drink the blood, producing very severe pain. This causes disorders of the mind, fever, cough, and loss of strength; the palate and scalp are dry and swollen, the pain is as if being cut (or) burnt, (it is) throbbing, emits (a) bad smell and it may be accompanied by itching, swelling, stupor (and) the nasal discharge is copper colored, thin and clear. There is ringing in the ears.” Ashtang Samgraha Headaches and migraines, considered diseases generated by the liver, appear when this organ feels affected and does not manage to play its role of pushing and distributing energy towards the head and extremities: then the head becomes congested and heated, at the same time as the hands and feet get cold.

Repressed emotions block your liver energy

According to Ayurveda, the liver is the organ where we process not only vitamins and hormones, but also emotions. We cannot help but feel anger, frustration, jealousy…what we can do is learn to manage it properly. Ayurveda is a lifestyle and properly managing emotions is as important as following a diet or taking some supplements.  The liver is the “master of cunning and action”, as is the gallbladder of the “decision-making force”. The health of both organs determines the energy to live and the ability to be the leader of your life. Ayurveda frees you to be yourself and live the life you choose to live.

Should you do a liver detox?

It is not for everyone. Always follow your Doctor’s advice before changing your diet or taking any supplements.  Generally speaking, if you feel any of those symptoms, you may consult a healthcare professional as it may be advisable to you to do a liver cleanse.     
  • Excess generation of heat in the body.
  • Acid reflux, gas, indigestion.
  • Anger & irritability.
  • Bad breath.
  • Body odor.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Skin and eyes that appear yellowish
  • Swelling in the legs and ankles.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Tiredness. 

Ayurvedic home remedy for a healthy liver


Bitter for liver

Bitterness activates the digestive hormone gastrin. The “proof” that nasty tasting medicine can be good for you! According to Ayurveda, bitter and astringent flavors purify and balance pitta. Green vegetables, vegetable broths, coconut, aloe vera and some spices such as ginger, turmeric, parsley and coriander are wonderful for a liver cleanse. Avoid dairies (cheese too, avoid it), fried food, saturated fats, red meat, alcohol, tobacco and everything that is processed.  Some plants also are predominant in bitter taste such as Guduchi or Katuki (piccorhiza kurroa) that balance pitta and are indicated to improve liver function. Ayurvedic massages are an excellent tool for cleaning and regeneration.

Mediterranean remedy for your liver


Dandelion leaves (Taraxacum officinalis), Artichoke leaves (Cynara scolymus), marigold flowers (calendula officinalis). 


1 small spoonful (5g) of the mixture of all the mentioned plants in equal parts per cup, take 2 or 3 cups a day. You can either prepare a maceration tea (leave overnight in maceration at room temperature) or a tea (boil the water and with the extinguished fire add the mixture and let stand 10 minutes). Strain and drink before breakfast or on empty stomach.

Feeling good depends on you




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