Period cramps and their relation to the stomach

period cramps ayurveda

Your period pain may not come from your uterus…

Did you know that there is a relationship (anatomical and functional) between your uterus and your stomach?

painful period pain

We know that our health depends on what we eat, what we do on our daily basis, what we feel and what we think. I have learned through Ayurveda Medicine, the importance of the observation in life. Ayurveda means “the science of life” and life is observation.

According to Ayurveda, everything is connected…uterus and stomach are similar to each other                                               If you have pain in the stomach, very likelyyou wil suffer from period pain.

Food Digestion:

Your stomach is where the majority of protein digestion occurs. When you have pain in the stomach it may be because:

  • Low intake of proteins
  • No digestive fire (agni)
  • The excess of acidity in your stomach may “burn” the proteins

Poor diets or no digestive fire (Agni) may cause digestive problems and such problems may lead to an insufficient assimilation of proteins.

Proteins  work as enzymes and hormones and the main organ responsible for its digestion is the stomach…

Therefore, poor protein digestion and assimilation, or a poor diet can be the cause of a hormonal imbalance which can lead to period cramps. 

period pain

Digest your emotions:

According to ancient philosophy, we literally digest our emotions. Women have one more energetic center in our body…the womb!

We have to process our emotions to make your that our energy doesn’t get blocked, as it could be the cause of painful periods.

How does our energy flows in the body?

Staring on our head, it goes through our stomach and to the uterus.

  • The limbic system is a set of structure in the brain that deal with emotions. Fear, sadness, happines, anger, frustration…have its neurological base on such neural network.
  • Chronic intestinal inflammation or a poor  bacterial flora in our gut affects directly to our energy flow and may cause an energetic blockage in our uterus and in our brain.
  • Ous uterus is considered the main organ where our emotions sit. Not only ours, but all the emotions that our maternal lineage (our maternal roots)

Energy flows from positive to negative…from the head to the uterus going through our stomach.

May you clean your energetical channels to relieve painful period pain.

Ayurveda programme helps you by cleaning your body, mind and soul with nutritional adivce and daily routines to implement during your menstruation cycle.

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