Ayurveda Massage during pregnancy

Ayurveda massage pregnancy

“Is the woman who brings the light to the world through motherhood. This is why she deserves the best care” Ayurveda for women

massage during pregnancy

Ayurveda massage for pregnant women is an art. Motherhood brings the most dramatic brain and physical changes in the woman and through Ayurveda massage the woman is able to integrate all the changes and harmonize her body, mind and soul to get ready  to give the best to her baby.

If mom takes care of herself, baby grows happy.

Ayurveda massage during pregnancy re-energizes body, mind and soul, helps to relieve pain and tensions, calms the mind and brings relaxation overall.

When is best to receive massage during pregnancy?

The American Pregnancy association recommends massage therapy at any point when the mother is ready and willing to, however I personally recommend it on your 3rd trimester, from week 28, which is when your body, mind and soul is getting ready to give birth and the pain and the swelling become more heavy on these weeks.

♥ A pleasure to the body, a breath to the mind and a caress to your baby soul ♥

How does it work Ayurveda massage during pregnancy?

We use organic warm oils, which are suitable for the woman’s specific skin conditions. It is done on all the body, from toes to head, with lot of care and subtle touch.

  •  Head, face, neck and Jaw: Soothing movements to harmonize the main energetic points to bring peace to your mind, to help you better sleep and relaxation, and to help with the neck stiffness and the tight jaw, which can occur due to worries during pregnancy…with the massage we transform fear to love, worries to trust in yourself and in your baby and help you connect with your inner wisdom, which is key for a satisfactory delivery.
  • Back and arms: Moms-to-be usually suffer from back pain due to the increase in weight and volume. The combination of warm oil with the soothing movements with expert hands brings relaxation and relieves tensions of your muscles.
  • Feet and legs: eDone very dentle with a draining effect to reduce swelling. Feet and legs massage do wonders for your body when your in your third trimester of pregnancy.

Benefits of Ayurveda Massage during pregnancy

¡Thousands! A pleasure to the body, a breath to the mind and a caress to your baby soul

My personal and professional experience as a mother and as an Ayurveda practitioner is that every pregnant woman should receive at least one Ayurveda massage during her last weeks of pregnancy.

When a Mother is going through a phase as happy, memorable, and transformational as Motherhood, Ayurveda recommends that she is provided with all the gifts of Nature to help her through this phase.

  • Brings relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety and fears of giving birth.
  • Helps with swollen legs
  • Reduces strechtmarks, enhances skin hydration and elasticity.
  • Better digestion and relieves constipation
  • Prepares your breast for breasfeeding, increasing naturally breast milk supply.
  • Pain relief and helps better and full-night sleep.

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