Empowerment and Ayurveda


Stronger together… however it was not always the case. It’s time to breake the cycle of female rivalry. Many of us have grown up competing to each others, as opposed to helping each other.

To empower someone is to give them the force to achieve your dreams. It’s all about trusting yourself, realizing your own power and embrace change.

You have the power in your hands. You have always have it but without knowing it we tend to give the power to someone else: your partner, your parents, your boss, the government, the doctor…We need to give back the power to our gut.

Can you say you are living the life you want and deserve? Building confidence, self-esteem, self love and put yourself at the top of your “To do list”.

Sharing is caring 


Being open about what we feel, what we fear or even sharing your time with someone else shows interest and care to the other person.

Humans have been gathering in the round since the beginning of times.

“Every human being can be supported by a circle of friends with a sacred center, and how circles multiply their spiritual and political energy.” —Isabel Allende.

When we are in a setting where we are not going to compete with each other, there’s a hormonal response that we are safe. Sarah Waxman.

“To give us that space of sharing and caring is critical to connect with our inner power”.

“Circles are fertile ground for changing our hierarchical, patriarchal culture to one of communication, support, and growth. A circle may be a dialogue group, prayer or meditation groups, retreats, or even coffee with friends”. Jean Shinoda Bolen. Millionth circle.

Ayurveda, guiding us through empowerment

To explore ourselves and learn our body type through doshas brings us the opportunity to understand ourselves.

Knowing yourself is Real Success“. Not only you become more you, feeling instead of pretending, and really being healthy instead of just surviving. By understading yourself you are able to make better decisions which in turn leads to a better life.

“When there is harmony there is health and creativity power. When there is fear and ignorance, disease comes in”.

¿Cómo puedo decidir sobre mi vida si no sé realmente quien soy? Para eso estamos los terapeutas Ayurveda, para acompañaros en vuestro proceso de empoderamiento. Tienes el poder de crear la vida que deseas y te mereces. Acorde a Ayurveda, las mujeres somos creadoras. Creadoras de vida y de todo lo que nos salga de nuestra víscera y asiento emocional, el poderoso útero.  Estamos constantemente creando…cada día renovamos nuestras células, creamos calor, transformamos la comida en nutriente…creamos experiencias que nos nutren en todos los niveles.

How can female circles help me?

Many women reach out to me with no light in their eyes, tired of pretending to be perfect, exhausted of just trying to survive in life, lacking of creative fire in their womb.

The first step towards our empowerment is self-love and self-trust.

Becoming more confident, generous, positive, energetic…at the end of the day… becoming alive is crucial. When you go after change, the things you most want come closer to you immediately.
Attending a female circle is a beautiful experience. Not only you are able to open yourself in an emotionally safe environment but you also inspire and get inspiration by other women. Many friendships and work collaborations were born in female circles.


Are you feeling the call of your heart to open to new experiences? Have a look at our Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat to reconnect with your inner self and have a well-deserved good time.

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