I'm Connie

Integrative wellness expert, Pharmacy Degree and Ayurveda therapist, founder of the Project Ayurveda for Women, to help women deal with the hormonal imbalances and to help them feel better naturally. Committed with empowering women by giving the tools to take the reins of their life and of their health.

I combine the ancient wisdom which I learned from renowned Ayurveda Doctors in India (Dr. DY Patil Ayurveda college & Research Centre, Pune) and in Spain (Escuela Internacional de la cultura Ayurveda), with my scientific background as a qualified pharmacist. I help you understand the holism in Science and guide you towards an integrative health trough Ayurveda Medicine.

The magical journey I walked through while becoming a mother is what I aim to share with you, guiding you through healthy tips to improve chances of conception, enjoy your pregnancy, overcome postpartum, feed love to your baby through Ayurveda baby massage Shantala and help you to find your hormonal balance.

I keep learning and increasing self-awareness every day. It is possible to live a healthy live, let me show you the holistic road towards your inner self

I was born in a very “academic family”, most of them are qualified Doctors, pharmacists and chemists. I remember since I was a kid, playing in my “Science Lab at home”, playing around with the medicinal plants of my parent’s garden.

I have always passionate about caring for others and willing to know and understand how our body work together to make things happen and how to prevent disease to come in.

Curiosity is my driving force. My wings are made to fly so when I had the chance I spread my wings.

In London I learned how to work hard and how easy it is to get disconnected from your self in.

In Paris, I discovered the power that we all women have inside our womb. I work for a big Pharma company as a medical advisor in Fertility and Reproductive system. This was an eye opener for me.

In Germany I dived into formulation and how important is to ensure absorption of the nutrients and how stress or digestive problems affect it.

In Ireland I hit rock bottom. I plunged into a personal crisis and went back to Spain to navigate through my inner world in order to shine as the woman I am today.

During this process, a very close family member got sick but conventional medicine was not enough to help her heal.

Here is where everything made sense. Every illness, I believe, has its roots in the soul

This triggered my “scientific mind”, I needed to investigate further, find all about integrative and holistic health and in this process I met Ayurveda Medicine.

Every illness can be traced back to the soul level. Emotions can trigger negative thoughts and can affect our metabolism, but it only gets our attention when it reaches to the physical level.

Ayurveda provides a way for women to live theis lives more naturally, more healthy and more happily, through lifestyle,diet, breathing technique, yoga and massages. What I like most about Ayurveda is the fact that health is a matter of choice.

Ayurveda is a healing system with a holistic approach and offers personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice, based on your ayurvedic constitution and your unique dosha combination. All the treatments are plant-based following an extense pharmacopeia.

I had only one choice: Found Ayurveda for women. Join Science and Ayurveda to experience integrative healthy lives.

Nature has the answer. The plants have powerful medicinal benefits. Self-knowledge is the path to heal.

Healthy women are the cornerstone of healthy societies.

Women create life and our womb is not a place to store fear and pain, but to hold love.

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