What Dosha is?

What Dosha is?

“Diseases have sprung into existence, striking fear into every creature. Therefore, O Chief of the Celestials, tell me duly what the means of defeating them are!’.

(Charaka Samhita )

Ayurveda may be translated into  the “science of life,” from “Ayur” (life) and “veda” (knowledge) and is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. Ayurveda emphasizes prevention and health promotion. Ayurveda not only treats a person’s physical complaints, but it also changes lifestyle practices to help maintain or improve health and quality of life.

According to Ayurveda, we are all composed of five elements, wáter, ether, air, fire, and earth, which create to three main energetic forces, or bio-elements: Kapha, Vata and Pitta. According to Ayurveda, the imbalance of these Doshas results in disease while the balance in these Doshas is required for optimal health.

What’s your Dosha?

The human body, just like the entire universe, is made up of the five elements earth, water, fire, air and space:

  • Air: Air is responsible for all movement including expansion, contraction, vibration.
  • Fire: Agni, our digestive power is made up of fire. Fire to transform all negativity into positivity, all the food into nutrient.
  • Water: The water element mirrors life on the planet, in totality with all the physical traits and the emotional moods.
  • Space: Space is the most subtle of all elements and is present in the hollow cavities of the body, such as the stomach, the heart, the lungs.
  • Earth: The earth element is responsible for so much construction in our bodies, from hard and dense bones to the softest tissues of the brain and plays a huge role in our health.

When these 5 elements combine with the energy, the 3 Doshas appear!

The combination of space and aire forms Vata Dosha, which represents the principle of movement and creation.

The combination of fire and water forms Pitta Dosha, which represents the principle of digestion and transformation.

The combination of water and earth forms Kapha Dosha, which represents the principle of bonding and grounding.

Health exists when there is a balance between these three doshas. Without them, the miracle of life would not be possible as we need Vata to move and créate, Pitta to digest and transform and Kapha to bond and ground.

All of us have some aspects of each dosha, but one or two doshas tend to dominate. Our digestion, our emotions, our way of approaching life, relies on our body constitution.

Vata woman

Vata Woman

Your essence is subtle, with a playful touch that ignites the spark of life. Space and air predominate in you, and these are your medicine.

Space for you, whether to chat and party or to remain silent, away from the noise that affect you too much.

Change is part of your life. 

Your time to fly among the clouds is now. 

Let it go, let if Flow.

Free as the wind.


You may have ups and downs. It may affect you what others think of you. You may worry too much.

When excess air dries you up, you may feel constipated, dry skin or vaginal dryness, hair loss, irregular menstrual cycles.

Your mind may be filled up with lots or air…you may go from super-creative to super-distressed.

Calm down, stay grounded.

Pitta Woman

The productive woman. 

You have the power to inspire and guide. To transform problems into solutions. To transform negativity to positivity. You shine with your own light. 

Fire and water are predominant  in you, and as such, these elements are your medicine.

Entrepreneurship is your thing. Always from coherence, because you are honest and you need your life and your projects to make sense to you.

Helping others is what motivates you. 

You have that intelligence that lets you know what to do when you don’t know what to do. 

You’re made to succeed.

You may have times when you want to be in control of everything. Might be a bit dominant. You may see the world and life as a competition. You may get frustrated when things don’t go your way.

When the excess fire burns you, you can somatize in diarrhea, heartburn, ulcers, acne, herpes, yeast or candidiasis, oily hair or hair loss, hormonal disorders such as endometriosis.

Your fire-filled mind can go from super-productive to destructive. 

Allow yourself a bit of wáter to drain the explosive emotions. Fresh air may be beneficial to cool down your fire.

Pitta woman
Kapha woman

Kapha woman

You are made to bring peace and love to the world.

You have in your essence the generosity, serenity, stability, even though it is falling out. You are a warm and safe home. 

Your medicine is having friends and family over, sharing with them some food and having those Deep and meaningful conversations.


It may be hard for you to get up in the morning. It may be difficul for you to embrace change.

When the excess earth sinks in, you may somatize into cysts, lethargy, melancholy, sadness, depression, myomas, and polycystic ovaries.

Your earth-filled mind can go from being super loving to feeling too tired to live. 

Let the seed of love germinate within your earth and shine.

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