Ayurveda for Women

Ayurveda for Women

” The transformative journey that I started the moment I understood Ayurveda’s view on Women’s Health, is what I want to share with you. A gift of Healing through nature.”

Hormonal Balance

Maintain Health

Natural Fertility


Postpartum and Baby Care

Dharma artha streeshu lakshmischa streeshu loka; pratishtitha.” Every woman represents righteousness, abundance, auspiciousness, and indeed the universe itself. Ayurveda gives a lot of importance to the health of women through different stages and transitions of their lives, as Women’s Health is the cornerstone of World’s Health”.

"Mini - Panchakarma" Ayurveda for Women

The uterus, stomach and head represent the three energetic and emotional centers of the woman. Our body may manifest the energetic blocks in the form of hormonal disorders, difficulty in conceivinga and when life feels hopeless.

By combining the relaxing effects of Shirodhara and the Abhyangha Ayurveda massage, with special emphasis on the belly, we manage to bring back the energy Flow to our body and soul and hence, return to our natural state of balance.

I have chosen to call it Prana – Shakti Massage. “Prana” means in Sanskrit breath or vital forcé, and “Shakti” represents sacred feminine force and empowerement.

Duration 2h.

ayurveda massage women

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