Taller de Yoga y Ayurveda especial Otoño

Yoga & Ayurveda – Grounding yourself in Autum!

The art of living in harmony with nature
Friday 27th of September, 18h-20h
Who can join? Everyone is welcome, no experience required.
According to the ancient Indian healing tradition of Ayurveda, autumn brings with it a predominance of air element, therefore an increase in Vata which makes us  susceptible to feeling more fearful, worried and stressed than usual. Physically, pain is the most obvious indication of excess vata and other common signs are insomnia, dry skin, constipation, flatulence, and irregular menstruation.  
In this workshop you will learn:
·         Easy tips on diet and daily routine habits to keep your Vata in balance
·         Self-Massage techniques to reduce the excess of vata naturally: where, how and which oil to use.
·         Best yoga poses to ground yourself and bring peace to your body and mind
At the end of the session we will gather together in the amazing terrace and taste an ayurvedic tea specific for Vata.

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