Online course baby massage

Online course baby massage

Massage has extraordinary benefits for the baby’s overall health, besides it is a wonderful bonding experience for both of you.

“Shantala Baby massage is a traditional art, deep, profound and full of love. While many parents intuitively massage their babies, learning the right massage technique can help you address your babies needs more efficiently”. Dr. Frédérick Leboyer. Babies understand and listen to what parents do rather than what they say. Through baby massage, parents can communicate without words with their baby as body-language is the only language a baby can understand. More relaxed and more protected babies.

Shantala baby massage positively affect infant hormones that control stress and help strengthen his bones, muscles, and immune system. You can make this world a better place through your love and your hands. Shantala massage help you on the road through conscious parenting.

Life is here and now, get it in touch with me to start this exciting journey of conscious motherhood

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